Welcome to the Wilderness State of Mind

About Us

Here at Island Mountain Organics, our agricultural mission begins and ends with the ethics of land stewardship. Our enduring success in the production of medical grade cannabis has been born through our relationship with the land itself. Our horticulture is based upon agro-ecological methods which nurture and preserve nature’s fertility for generations to come.

Our production platform is an anastomosis of our vision and process, our principled commitment to sustainability, our heirloom and anthem genetics, and, of course, our collective partners and practitioners. Our farms are nestled in the heart of the Emerald Triangle, literally the heart, a mere breath from where the three counties of Mendocino, Humboldt, and Trinity conjoin.

Devoted over decades to our selective appellation and our geographic terroir, the farms of Island Mountain Organics have always been and shall always remain charged with the purpose of producing top-shelf medicinal cannabis. From seed to seed, from nursery to canopy, from harvest to hand-processing, we strive to preserve the integrity of the value-chain at each node of our entity in order to protect our patients, our people, and our place. Thus, it is the ideology of our approach that differentiates our cannabis and our Farmstyle from the rest.

We are Dioecious.
We are Children of the Forest.
We are the Stars of Cassiopeia.
We are the Sons of Freyja…
and the Keepers of her Fields.
We beckon the Pollinators of Demeter.
We are Sinsemilla, having saved the seed from
the best of our males.
We create a Culture of Abundance.
We are Island Mountain Organics.
Welcome to the Wilderness State of Mind
…Shall we adapt?