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Our Autumn 2017 Anthem Cultivars

gluecookies_IMO-309 gluecookies_IMO-330

IMO Cookie Glue

An amalgam of Girl Scout Cookies and Gorilla Glue #4, we found this genetic to be behaviorally unstable to cultivate, yet euphoric to consume. The plant exhibits bursting purple and orange calyxes with opalescent leaves, as well as resin-coated flowers which provide bona fide pain & stress relief. An eye-drooper to be consumed prior to dream time only.


islandmountainOG_IMO-359 islandmountainOG_IMO-408 islandmountainOG_IMO-383islandmountainOG_IMO-428

IMO King’s OG

If we could, we would propagate our entire acreage with IMO King’s OG. Its resilience is remarkable; it has proven to be more resistant to molds and mildews than other OG phenotypes, and virtually bulletproof to pests. One sniff of its cured flower leaves the olfactory membranes smitten. Testing in consistently at just over 20% THC, its taste and flavor is what makes it our farm favorite.




One of the most potent genotypes in the entire array of OG strains. A breath of our Fire OG presents an immediate shot to the brain. Testing in at just over 21% THC, the flowers are robust and more bold than many other OG phenotypes. A bit more crimson in its floral expression, our Fire OG will light up more than just your mind.




In recent years, our SFV OG has emerged as one of the most recognized anthem genetics by the market, primarily for its taste and flavor. It is a sativa-leaning hybrid known for its small, dense flower sets and deep, earthen nose appeal. Its draw is smooth, its terpenes captivating. Holistically impactful in its effects, the continued requests from our patients for our SFV OG affirm its resonant and reverberative nature as a plant.


SourBands_IMO-498 SourBands_IMO-532

IMO SourBand

A favorite of our distribution partners, IMO SourBand is perhaps the most aromatic phenotype in our entire catalog. Similar to morning coffee, upon combustion most patients immediately feel a pulse of energy from this sativa-dominant cultivar. The working man’s cannabis, “Get-Up-&-Go Cannabis,” as we like to call it. Pungent, like fermented citrus, with mountainous colas, our 10-week SourBand is a staple among many of our patients, aiding them daily to maintain clarity of mind in contemporary culture.

Our Summer 2018 Genetics in the Nursery:

-Sunset Sherbet

-Island OG

-Boss OG


-Hog OG

-Doc OG

-Lemon Tree

-Forbidden Fruit

-Fire OG

-Sour Diesel

-King’s OG


Pre-packed 1/8, 1/4, and 1oz jars available through our distribution partners. Contact us for details.

Pre-packed pouches are coming Summer 2018.